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Services | Room Conversions

Conversions can vary from attic and loft conversions, to garage conversions to room conversions.

AMG Construction Corp. has complete many such conversions to great success, with an attic conversion clients have gained and extra bedroom, some even with an en-suite bathroom.

With garage conversions clients have gained a home office, play rooms for the kids, a spare bedroom on the ground floor for an elderly relative.

Room conversions vary from the removal of internal walls to open up spaces, to the installation of walls to make an en-suite bathroom for a bedroom.

Whatever types of conversion work you require give AMG Construction Corp. a call and we will convert your dreams into reality for you!

Loft Conversion:

Sometimes the option of building outside and extending your property either isn't practical or not possible because of local legislation restrictions. This is when the option of looking at a Loft Conversion becomes a solution to a number of problems. Maybe you need an extra bedroom, a home office or simply more storage for your growing family.
Our team is fully experienced and we can help and advise you every step of the way, if you have any questions then please ask as we are here to make sure all your questions regarding your planned loft conversion are answered.

Loft conversions offer the home owner added living space, and are often overlooked as a viable solution to any spatial needs as they are concealed in the roof of a house. We can convert any sized, shaped or conditioned loft space into a warm and habitable living area which could be used as an added bedroom or games room - or just to increase the value of a property.

Wes can assess your loft and provide you with a number of conversion ideas which are best suited to how you want to utilize the space. Once we've collaborated with you about which idea is the best opportunity for your personal needs, we will begin work on converting your loft - offering you specialists in insulation, building work, electrical wiring and finishing to give you the best possible value for money, and to convert your loft to the highest standards.

Cellar Conversion:

Cellars are an aspect of a property which can add hidden value to a house, but which can often be forgotten about and left as wasted space. Cellar conversions allow the user to develop the space beneath their home, and because of the vast amount of room they can offer you, there's a whole floor's worth of space waiting to be utilized for your living needs.

If greater living space is what you require, without the need for excess bricks and mortar, then a cellar conversion could be the perfect opportunity for you and your home. We offer two types of cellar conversion for properties:

Domestic Basements:

Advances in technology and the affordability of luxury items in this modern day make the demand for improved living space much higher amongst families. The need for utility rooms which don't impose on a family's lifestyle - because of the loud noises appliances like washing machines and dishwashers produce - can also be a necessity to present day life. These are reasons why AMG Construction Corp. can offer a comprehensive basement conversion which can allow for a whole new level of living space and increase a home's living factor and value.

Commercial Basements:

We have always been able to meet our commercial client's needs regardless of the scale of the basement conversion, leaving them completely satisfied with the added space and style of finish we have presented them with. Our service provides our commercial customers with ample space to help them achieve better business opportunities and create a greater working environment for their employees and customers alike, and all at an affordable price.

Our cellar conversions are carried out using the expertise we've accumulated over the 12+ years we've been in the construction business, and are done by specialists in different sectors of trade - electricians, welders and plasters to name just a few. And because we're also experts in waterproofing as well as building work, we can ensure that any basement conversion is protected against any water infiltration - an imperative part of a successful basement conversion, and something which not all conversion companies can boast.

Garage Conversion:

Your garage may well be the most under-utilized space in your whole house. We can transform all that space into a really desirable asset: a bedroom, studio, home office, play room, second sitting room or an extended kitchen and dining room. The value it can add to your property is considerable too.

Many show homes use the garage as their sales office, simply swapping the garage door for double glazed patio doors. But we like to be a lot more creative than that so your garage conversion is in keeping with the frontage of your home, adding to its prestige and visual impact.

Building regulations are a legal requirement for garage conversions, so naturally we'll handle all the relevant forms and paperwork for you. We'll arrange and attend the necessary site inspections to save you precious time and effort. Then we'll issue you with the essential Completion Certificate after a successful Final Inspection. So there's absolutely nothing for you to worry about - except what you're going to do with all that lovely new room.

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