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AMG Construction Corp. uses a design build concept when planning designing, bidding and building your home. We can help you expand your living space to accommodate your growing family, create the master bedroom of your dreams or build a customized home theater for your entertainment pleasure.

A solid home addition plan is the key to success. The planning stage is the most important stage of the project. Experienced architects are doing a careful & smart design and will ensure that your construction project will not go over the budget and will add maximum value to your house at the minimum possible cost. Here, we have designers and licensed architects on staff to insure beautiful yet practical layout and floor plan.

One of the most convenient ways to expand your home is by making use of unfinished or unused spaces, such as the garage, the basement or the attic. They are considered a major waste of space - especially when you consider how much square footage can be gained by renovating it, and easily incorporate it into the home. An unused or underused garage can easily become a continuation of the main floor. This can easily increase your living space by 200 to 400 square feet. An unfinished or underused attic can be converted into a cozy living space with just a few dormers or by completely raising the roof line.

Converting existing space is often more cost effective than building an addition from scratch. However, if sacrificing storage for the sake of more living space is not an option for you and your family, we can build a traditional addition.

Once you have agreed on the floor plan, and plans were approved by the city, AMG Construction Corp. production manager will issue all necessary permits in order to be eligible to start the construction. The plans are approved and the crew is lined up, so take a deep breath, say good bye to clutter and lack of space ... you are about to experience the most amazing transformation!

Most of the extra expenses can be anticipated in early stages of budgeting but sometimes you will encounter unexpected expenses. For example, in case of unexpected rain you will want to invite an outside company that checks for mold left in the open portion of the house. Or possibly, during demolition our construction crew discovers asbestos in your attic. This will be considered an extra cost and added to the general agreement.

Price to include: Foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, drywall, painting, stucco or wood siding, flooring and windows as specified in blueprint. Every project is unique and we create approximately 30 pages of a detailed work specification which describes the scope of work. This way you are fully protected as a customer and do not have the burden of unnecessary increases in the cost.

The last stage is passing the final inspection from the city and having a big party to celebrate the end of your successful project with AMG Construction Corp.

No matter what type of home addition project you have in mind, our remodelling contractor team comes with all the tools and equipment, top quality materials and more than a decade of experience. We can help you create exactly what you are looking for, from in-law suites to elegant home libraries. Choosing to work with a room addition contractor will allow you to create the space you need to make life more comfortable for you and your family. Why move if you really don't have to or want to? Call today to schedule your free on-site estimate.

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